Because cancer is too hard.

Cancer Cushion is an online mental health resource hub designed to soften the blow of childhood cancer for diagnosed children and their families. From the date of diagnosis onward, children with cancer and their families are at risk for unique mental health challenges. The tools on this website are here to help parents and caregivers answer questions like:
How will cancer impact my child emotionally?
How can I help siblings adjust to the diagnosis and feel supported?
How can I address my own mental health needs while helping my child fight for their life?
Every child and family deserves to have knowledge and resources that support their well-being in the face of such a devastating diagnosis. 

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1 in 260 children are diagnosed with cancer.

That leaves 259 of us to help.

If you know a family who has a child with cancer, you may be wondering how you can best support them. Read and share this free guide to learn more about childhood cancer and see tips on how to show diagnosed children, their siblings, and their parents that you'll help them get through this journey.
What is Childhood Cancer?How Can I Help?How to Support

Free Childhood Cancer Mental Health Resources

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