Support Tools for Children with Cancer

Children with cancer experience many challenges to their emotional well being. Each of the resources on this page is designed to help them describe what's hard or make it easier.

Big Feelings Chart

You may have seen a "feelings chart" before. Usually they include labels for common emotions like happy, sad, or angry alongside a picture of a matching facial expression. When children are going through cancer treatment, they often have "big", or intense, emotions that they may not have ever felt before. The Big Feelings Chart worksheets are a template for creating their own feelings chart and illustrating how they feel.

Word Cloud Lists

A Word Cloud is a personalized art project that can help children cultivate self-esteem. If you're not familiar with word clouds, you can read more about them in this blog post. To download the word lists and make your own word cloud, click here.

Helping with Pain

One of the hardest aspects of cancer treatment for children is needle pokes and other invasive medical procedures. With teaching and practice, even young children can learn to use coping strategies to minimize the trauma of these events. This e-book on ideas for helping with pain explains the science behind distraction and coping strategies in kid-friendly language.